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Immaculate Fools The Best Of

Immaculate Fools - The Best Of

Immaculate Fools were a British rock band formed in 1984, led by singer-songwriter Kevin Weatherill. They had a loyal following in Europe, especially in Spain, where they recorded several albums and performed live regularly. Their music was influenced by folk, pop, and alternative rock, and featured catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and emotional vocals.

The Best Of Immaculate Fools is a compilation album released in 1997 by Spectrum Music. It contains 11 tracks from their previous albums, spanning from their debut single "Immaculate Fools" in 1985 to their fifth studio album Dumb Poet in 1991. The album showcases the band's evolution from a guitar-based pop rock group to a more sophisticated and experimental outfit, incorporating elements of electronic, acoustic, and orchestral music.

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The album includes some of the band's most popular and acclaimed songs, such as "Never Give Less Than Everything", "Tragic Comedy", "One Minute", "Dumb Poet", and "Wish You Were Here". It also features the original version of "Immaculate Fools", which was re-recorded for their first album with a different arrangement and production. The album is not really a 'best of' compilation, as it is missing some of the band's later works and singles, such as "Sad", "Heaven", and "Stand Down". It is more like a reissue of the Dumb Poet album with an extra track added.

The Best Of Immaculate Fools is a good introduction to the band's music for new listeners, as it covers their most creative and diverse period. It is also a nostalgic reminder for old fans of the band's talent and charm. The album is available on CD and digital platforms.


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