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[S4E13] The Good Fight

He had a connection to one of the most humorous aspects of the hour and the most heartbreaking. Apparently, his reality series is off to a good start, even though we have not had the chance to witness it.

[S4E13] The Good Fight

The addition of his 24/7 assistant made some funny moments. As annoyed as Thorsen was by the guy's presence, you can't say he wasn't damn good at his job. Harper started sending him on fool's quest, suspecting he'd never complete the tasks, but he always rose to the occasion.

Harper's pregnancy has given us some amusing moments and some stressful ones, and that's likely to continue until the baby is born. It's good that she takes her health seriously after her previous issues with her first child. But she also needs to work better at informing James about things rather than assuming she'll do it alone.

However, there are moments when that part of his story is engaging. Thorsen is in a unique position where he understands exactly how flawed the system is and how it screws people over. He was a victim of it, and no amount of him fighting the good fight within it changes that.

Tim looked good in his white t-shirt, and then it was on and cracking with smoke bombs and a shootout. It's always good to see Tim and Angela in the field with each other because they know one another so well. They cover each other well, too.

Most irritating Rory or Lorelai moment:I understand the impulse but hate when Lorelai confronts Jess at Gypsy's. She needs to stay out of Rory's shit and let her fight her own battles. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your mom tell your ex-boyfriend, "She has moved on and she is very happy." Sure, Jan.

"You know, I have actually thought about this moment. A lot. What would Jess say to me I ever saw him again? I mean, he just took off, no note, no call, nothing, how could he explain that? And then a year goes by. No word, nothing, so he couldn't possibly have a good excuse for that, right? I have imagined hundreds of different scenarios with a hundred different great last parting lines, and I have to tell you that I am actually very curious to see which way this is going to go."

I loathe young Jess but can't imagine what it would be like to grow up with Liz as a mom. On the surface, she seems like a harmless hippie who collects crystals and talks to anyone who will listen about how reiki changed her life. Based on what we know about her, she's also the type of person who is so absorbed in her own shit/gross relationships that she has zero interest in parenting. Imagine watching your mom fawn all over some barely literate TJ-esque guy while nothing you do (good or bad) captures her attention. The new and improved Jess who reappears in S6 must be the result of extensive psychotherapy.

Liz: Luke did what he could. He always does. He's like my hero, you know. Like one of those Greek gods with the golden helmets and the shields and the sandals.Lorelai: And the little white toga dresses.Liz: I sound silly.Lorelai: No, you don't. Take it from someone who's run to Luke many a time. He's definitely one of the good ones. Maybe THE good one.

Carrie and Aidan have a huge fight over the clutter in her apartment after Aidan moves in. Charlotte and Trey have a huge fight when he brings home a cardboard baby as a gag gift. Miranda goes on a date despite her being pregnant. Samantha finally gives in to Richard's romance.

At home by the Christmas tree, Carcetti discusses his options with his wife Jen. She tells him that she believes he will do the right thing. Later, Wilson and Carcetti return from a second meeting with the governor. Wilson is enraged that Carcetti could not swallow his pride to rescue the school system. Carcetti is angry that the governor was going to call a press conference belittling him if he took the money. Steintorf consoles Carcetti, again telling him that he can do more good as governor himself.

Redistribution of wealth would not be a good thing unless you are into economic collapse and eating your dog for food. I loved the series but the whole anti-capitalist shtick is getting kind of old to be honest. It is a system that has brought millions (if not billions) of people out of poverty that otherwise would still be in it.

Willow, Anya, and Xander play poker and discuss Xander's plans to start selling Boost bars. They question the intentions of Riley and The Initiative. Buffy impresses Professor Walsh as she quickly passes a test of her strengths and fighting talents. Buffy talks about her night but Willow's quiet evening spent with friends doesn't seem to compare. The Scooby Gang has plans that night to meet at The Bronze.

Forrest spots "Hostile 17" (Spike) and sends his team after the vampire. As Spike is running away, they shoot him with a tracer so that'll they'll be able to keep track of his location. The demon attacks; Buffy and Riley team up and fight it together. Afterward, they go to Riley's dorm room and have sex. Professor Walsh watches from a secret camera hidden in Riley's room.

Buffy fights with the two demons, while Professor Walsh watches a screen at the Initiative that is hooked up to the feeds from Buffy's monitor and camera. Buffy fights and the heart monitor loses her heartbeat when she drops it to the ground. When Riley returns from his mission, Professor Walsh informs him that Buffy is dead, and makes up a story about Buffy going out on her own to attack some demons, despite protests from Maggie. At that point, having killed the two demons, Buffy comes on to the camera feed and informs Walsh that her attempts to kill the Slayer failed. Riley sees this, and then walks out on Walsh, while she's pleading with him to come back.

Back in sector 001, Earth and the Starfleet vessels assisting in the evacuation start to face the incoming debris as a result of the gravitational effects caused by the anomaly. It's not a climatic season finale space battle in the traditional sense, but more like a space fight against rocks. There's still plenty of action and explosions, sparks flying about, shaking sets and camera shots, so it's almost the same. Tilly and Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) bravely stay behind to coordinate as much of the effort as possible and form an unlikely, but entertaining relationship. Sadly though, the dialogue is clichéd and lets this story thread down.

Meanwhile, in order to pass the audit and give a good impression, Holt tasks Terry to fix a $21,000 Japanese copier that former Captain C.J. ordered. Despite the struggle, he manages to translate the instructions and fix it. Also, Boyle and Diaz were tasked with solving a rat infestation in the precinct. The plan was for Boyle to crawl into the vents in the ceiling to use wolf urine to herd the rats into the traps. They initially planned to use the break room, but Gina needed it for meditation, so they opted to use the evidence room instead. However, Boyle gets stuck in the air vent. Holt, Terry, and Diaz found out that the rats had chewed themselves free from the traps. Holt noticed a broken/chewed open, box. Diaz said it was from a 1986 cocaine dealer case; now the rats had eaten the purest cocaine in the history of New York. Now without any fear or pain, they return to the walls and attack Boyle, thinking he was a cat, and the rats cause him to shake up, break a sprinkler tube, fall through the ceiling, destroying it and the copier. Holt then uses Gina in order to get emergency services to fix the damages and the precinct is cleaned. Teddy arrives and announces that he has decided to recuse himself from auditing the precinct. The new auditor, Veronica Hopkins turns out to be Terry's ex-girlfriend. Despising him, she tells him she will shut down the precinct for good.

Another sneaky, winking attorney opponent of Lockhart/Gardner, the Patti character is known to use pregnancy and, later, her infant to win sympathy. Plimpton won an Outstanding Guest Star Emmy for this role for good reason (specifically for the Season 3 finale, in which Patti and Louis tried to take over Lockhart/Gardner). Patti! Grr.

Love. This. Creepy. Murderer. My favorite Lockhart/Gardner client. If only he could be a series regular. Dylan Baker is so good at being a charming deviant. Remember the movie Happiness? Don't remember it! It's upsetting! But he's great in it/everything.

It's a hard thing with the Good Wife judges, and judges on legal procedural shows in general: No matter how good the actor is, they do tend to blend together. The Cuesta character was also a client of Diane's in "The Penalty Box" in Season 3. But if memory serves, he can no longer preside over one of their cases because of that? Does that mean bye, bye, David Paymer forever? Sad!

The idea for the Howard Lyman character is so funny: The cranky, old law partner who does nothing but collect money, but every once in a while is either useful for a vote or makes ridiculous trouble. It's always good to see Hesh from The Sopranos dropping in.

Courtney was an assistant who had worked for Patti Nyholm but then quit to work for Alicia and Cary. When Alicia and Cary were competing for the one associate job, Courtney played into the plot; but I have no memory whatsoever of what happened to her. Did we say good-bye to her, or is she theoretically still around, somewhere in the offices? Where the hell is Courtney? Maybe Eli's daughter, Grace's friend, and Courtney are all hanging out together.

GREYWe're cops. "Highly unexpected" is what we do before breakfast. Hey, kid, I know you can hear me. See, right now I have the FBI, Homeland Security, and the DOD blowing up my phone, and they're all saying the same thing -- we should launch fighter jets and blow you out of the sky. Now, do you copy?

LEO'Sup, Wade? Listen, they're not gonna blow me out of the sky while I'm over a populated area, so tell them to just save the jet fuel, okay? This is a joy ride, not DEFCON 1. I'm just gonna have a little fun. I'll return your helicopter good as new. 041b061a72


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