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HYT launches new T1 series of watches to celebrate 12th anniversary


Meet HYT's innovative T1 Series, observing 12 years of excellence.

As HYT remembers its 12th anniversary, the actual professional watchmaker proudly starts the new T1 collection as one example of its pioneering heart in the world of luxury watches. Not like HYT's traditional approach, these types of watches combine fluid mechanised technology with a balanced cosmetic, making them the perfect everyday alternative for any collector. The T1 Series represents an evolutionary point for HYT, getting together with customer expectations while adopting fresh design concepts.

With a compact height of 45 mm, the particular T1 series introduces brand-new, more sophisticated sizes. These designer watches are crafted with wonderful attention to detail and feature comfort contours for exceptional ease and comfort. Available in titanium, DLC ti and 5N gold, every single T1 Collection watch exudes luxury and versatility by way of domed sapphire crystal. Power by the 501-CM movement, these kinds of watches seamlessly blend water hour indications with physical minute indications, providing a exclusive view calibrated for half of the day. Water-resistant to 50 metres and featuring interchangeable silicone straps, the T1 assortment blends style and efficiency for the modern watch fan. Click on the link below to watch all luxury watches at present for sale on duPont REGISTRY VALUES Discovery.

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