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Dragon Age 2 Romance Mods

Dragon Age 2 Romance Mods

Dragon Age 2 is a role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts in 2011. The game features four romanceable characters: Anders, Fenris, Isabela, and Merrill. Each romance has its own storyline, dialogue, and cutscenes, but some players may want to enhance or modify their experience with custom mods. In this article, we will introduce some of the most popular and interesting romance mods for Dragon Age 2, and how to install and use them.

Kirkw(All) - Poly Romance Mod

This mod allows you to pursue multiple romances at once, without any jealousy or conflict. You can smooch whomever you like in whichever order you like, and all initiated romances will continue until you choose to end them yourself. This mod does not modify any individual dialogue files, so it should be compatible with most other dialogue mods for the romanceable characters. However, Sebastian requires a separate mod called Sebastian Revisited and a compatibility patch for full functionality with this mod. A compatibility patch for Repeatable Romance Scenes is also available under optional files.

Download Zip:

Repeatable Romance Scenes

This mod adds several at-will romance scenes triggered from within the Hawke Estate. You can interact with the bed after the romance has been confirmed to activate one of four scenes for each love interest, three shared among all LIs and one unique to each. The scenes are fully voiced and animated, and include some variations depending on your relationship status and choices. This mod also fixes some bugs and glitches in the original romance scenes, such as missing voice lines or incorrect camera angles.

Anders Romance Dialogue Overhaul

This mod is a collection of frequently requested changes to the Anders romance. It includes a final kiss for the Friendship route, Anders telling female Hawkes about Karl, a repaired conversation flag in Dissent, and some optional miscellaneous dialogue changes. The mod aims to improve the consistency and continuity of the Anders romance, as well as adding some more depth and emotion to it.

How to install and use romance mods

To install romance mods for Dragon Age 2, you will need to place the mod files into your Override folder. This folder is usually located under your Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/packages/core folder. If you do not have an Override folder, you can create one yourself. You can also use a mod manager such as DA2 Mod Manager or Vortex to install and manage your mods more easily.

To use romance mods for Dragon Age 2, you will need to start a new game or load a save file before the romance has been confirmed. Some mods may require you to enable or disable certain options in the game settings or in the mod configuration files. You can also use console commands or save game editors to change your romance status or flags if needed.

Please note that some romance mods may conflict with each other or with other mods that modify the same files or resources. Always read the mod descriptions and instructions carefully before installing or using them. Backup your save files before making any changes, and uninstall any mods that cause problems or errors.


Dragon Age 2 is a game that offers many choices and possibilities for romance, but some players may want more options or variations. Romance mods are a way to customize and enhance your romantic experience with the characters you love. Whether you want to have multiple partners, repeat your favorite scenes, or tweak some dialogue lines, there is a mod for you. We hope this article has helped you find some of the best romance mods for Dragon Age 2, and enjoy them in your game.


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