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Tips and Warnings for Using BMW Rheingold 3.41 Multilingual.rar for Your BMW Vehicle

3. use file explorer, not the windows explorer and extract this archive. copy all files from the rheingold 390.0-392.0 folder into the corresponding folders in the rheingold 3.41 folder you created on your hard drive. you may need to give administrative privileges for you to extract the files. basically, you need root access to do this. otherwise, you can open the archive using windows explorer. once the files are extracted, close the file explorer.

BMW Rheingold 3.41 Multilingual.rar

if you have already extracted the files you may have to copy the files into the correct locations or correct the permissions. this can be done using the file manager. make sure you have the correct one - windows explorer and the windows file manager - not nautilus. when you install the files and extract them, you should find a folder called rheingold 3.41 inside your c: (let me know if this does not happen.)

5. remember, you have to have admin privileges to extract files, otherwise you will not be able to run the diagnostic program. for example, if your c: is on d: and the file is on d:\rheingold\390.0-392.0\ folder, you will have to install the files to d:\rheingold\390.0.

6. run the diagnostics application. click the arrow next to ista and select ista-d instead of ista. this will start up rheingold. if you see "updates required", click the button, "update". the "updates" error might take a long time to resolve. after it is resolved, you should see the message "diagnostic successful".

step 8: select the appropriate versions of the interfaces for bmw, in both sdp and k+d. full list of available interfaces are in the performance tab in settings >version tab in ista/d e et: k+dcan, enet or icomm midi: if no hardwire icom, back to step 7


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