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Gallien Krueger Serial Number Dating

Gallien Krueger Serial Number Dating

Gallien Krueger is a company that specializes in amplification products for bass guitars and keyboards. Founded in 1968 by Robert Gallien and Richard Krueger, the company has been producing innovative and high-quality amps for over 50 years. One of the most popular and iconic models is the 800RB, a hybrid amp that combines a solid-state preamp with a tube power amp. The 800RB was introduced in 1980 and has been used by many famous bassists such as Flea, Geddy Lee, Duff McKagan, and Marcus Miller.

Many Gallien Krueger fans and collectors are interested in dating their amps based on the serial number. However, there is no official or definitive guide to do so, as the company does not keep a record of the production dates for each serial number. However, some clues and patterns can be found by comparing different sources and examples. Here are some tips and methods to date your Gallien Krueger amp based on the serial number:


  • Check the rear panel of your amp for a sticker or label that indicates the production date. Some amps have a sticker that reads "MM-YY", where MM is the month and YY is the year. For example, a sticker that reads "3-87" means that the amp was made in March 1987. This method is not very reliable, as some stickers may be missing, faded, or inaccurate.

  • Look for other features or components that can indicate the approximate era or generation of your amp. For example, some early 800RB amps have a red power switch, while later ones have a black one. Some amps have a metal logo on the front panel, while others have a plastic one. Some amps have a fan on the back panel, while others do not. Some amps have a "Made in USA" label, while others have a "Designed and Engineered in USA" label. These features can help you narrow down the possible range of years for your amp.

  • Contact Robert Gallien, the founder and president of Gallien Krueger, directly via email or phone. He may be able to provide you with some information or clues about your amp based on the serial number. However, he may not be able to answer every inquiry, as he is very busy running the company and designing new products. You can find his contact information on the company's website. Be polite and respectful when contacting him, and do not expect a definitive answer.

  • Compare your serial number with other examples from online forums, websites, or databases. You may be able to find other owners or users of Gallien Krueger amps who have shared their serial numbers and production dates online. You can use these examples as references or benchmarks to estimate the date of your amp. However, be careful and critical when using these sources, as they may not be verified or accurate. Some examples of online sources are: [], [], [].

In conclusion, dating your Gallien Krueger amp based on the serial number is not an easy or precise task. However, by using some clues and methods, you may be able to get an approximate idea of when your amp was made. This can help you appreciate the history and value of your amp more. Remember that Gallien Krueger amps are known for their quality and durability, regardless of their age or generation.


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