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Keith Osborne
Keith Osborne

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 8.5.3 Win X64

the third-celebration edius 7 included some new features, including the ability to import and export projects in dvcpro hd as well as dvcpro hd-xr. this means you can edit in dvcpro hd-xr or final cut pro and export your project directly to your computer as dvcpro hd.

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 8.5.3 Win x64

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new to edius 8.5 is the srt file format, which enables the automatic translation of any subtitle file to any language. this is particularly useful if you have a dvd or other file with subtitling in many languages, and you want to transcode it to a different language using your editing software. this is also very useful for creating subtitles in your software if you dont have an external subtitle editor. with edius, you can create a new subtitle file with the same fields as the original subtitle file, and then switch to the new file format to translate and save the subtitles into the new language. when you choose to save the file as a new subtitle, the new file will be automatically saved as a srt file. its really easy to create, and you can create multiple subtitle files, so if you are working with more than one language, you can separate them and make a new subtitle file for each language. the srt file is supported by most subtitle editing programs, such as windows dvd subtitle editor, subtitle edit plus, to name just a few.

the edius layout panel is a powerful tool that allows you to create one or many keyframes on a time line to control the editing process. layout panels can be used for keyframe editing on virtually any type of media (including hd, sd, dv, and video for dvd). with edius layout panels, you can create your own borders or color keyframes on your time line and move them over your media exactly as you need them. you can also lock them in position, add keyframes, or delete them as needed. you can then resize the layout panel to exactly fit your needs. you can also create layout panels for video, audio, or both. if you want to create a layout panel to work on a particular part of your media, you can have separate layout panels for each region of your media, creating a layout panel for the entire file is very easy.


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