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Logo Quiz: How Many Logos Can You Recognize in 10 Minutes?

Psychologists at the University of California recently presented a group of students with a simple challenge: Draw the Apple logo from memory. Of the 85 who tried, only one got every feature correct. We can recognize logos when we see them, but conjuring them from scratch is another story.

The best logos don't just look good, they're also effective in identifying a brand. A logo's successful if we immediately know which brand is represented based on the logo design alone. So with that in mind, a logo quiz could help identify the most successful logos.

logo quiz

And the logo quiz below is a pretty epic one, hitting us with 100 brand marks to identify. Without wanting to give too much away, they range from tech companies to restaurant chains and social media. Some of the logos are so famous they're in our pick of the best logos of all time. Almost everyone is likely to guess those correctly, but some of the designs in this quiz are a little bit more obscure. How well will you do?

Some companies have decided "not a whole lot," at least when it comes to their logos. Nike and Apple, for example, both forgo the company name in their products' design. Starbucks also recently decided to nix its name in the logo's redesign, expecting people to recognize the mermaid sans the name.

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OK, there's a top free app every week, why should I care? First there's just the unlikeliness factor. Why should people find identifying global corporate logos an addictive activity? Maybe for the same reason that spoof logo t-shirts have been popular with club kids. This is a kind of imagery that we all know and care about. Solving the visual riddles involves pattern recognition skills that many people have, but that are not widely prized. This is visual literacy combined with consumerist identification. Add to that the intergenerational appeal of something that parents might have more of a clue about than their children and you have a winner.

Think about it. The 500 biggest corporate brands engaged in a constant focus group of recognition. And because you can use Facebook and Twitter to reach out to friends for hints when you're stumped, many of the users identify themselves with great granularity. Unless Estarriaga is even more brilliant (or devious) than we know, his app is probably not tracking all of this data, but with an update it could. Imagine a brand being able to compare recognition rates of their logo by age, by zip code or by "likes." Imagine a brand being able to insert alternate versions of their logo to test. Imagine being able to assign brands Klout-like scores based on the information revealed by game play.

This football logo quiz will test even the biggest, most dedicated fans. So how well do you know professional football teams from their badges? What if we removed certain parts of iconic badges to make it more difficult? Would you be able to get a perfect score then?

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So, given that we're all about the graphics these days, this quiz, which gathers together some of the key logos, emblems, trademarks and insignias for some of music's best-known performers, should be a cinch, or it's ? all round.

Logo quizzes are perhaps one of the most popular trivia games. And in the past 2-3 months, you must have tried almost every logo quiz out there. After having played so many of them, how about making our own version of a logo quiz?

Whereas Netflix picked red for the things it reminds people of, sometimes a color is chosen because its associations are less obvious. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel drew the original ghost logo, and he singled out this shade of yellow specifically because no other competing tech brands were using it.

Many Superheroes can be broken down into one iconic logo. Heroes had to be known, regardless of who was drawing them, at a glance. On the newsstand, they had to draw your attention so that you would buy them, instead of that candy bar. Most of these characters wear this logo on their chest or their sleeve. These simple images and symbols are instantly recognizable by people all over the world regardless of language barriers. These logos left an indelible mark on our communal psyche. When we see them we know what hero is coming, or at least that's the theory. You have seen these logos on the chest and weapons of every hero in every movie, T.V. show, and comic for nearly 80 years, but have you memorized them all?

How well have you paid attention to these logos? Do you know Batman's Crest from Nightwing's? Do you know S.H.I.E.L.D.'s logo from The B.P.R.D's logo? Can you identify Spider-Man's logo from The Ticks and Blue Beetles? Take this test and prove to everyone that you know your heroes from just their logos. Will you ace it like Batman, or are you going to need your own Oracle to help you pass this quiz?

For all our friends that are having issues in solving Logo Quiz 2022 Level 15, we have good news we have just shared all the answers for it all grouped with images inside one main post. Logo Quiz 2022 is a fun game in which you need to guess which logo belongs to which company or business. There are 25 levels with more than 30 logos for each level are solved by us. Make sure to visit our website back for the remaining levels of the Logo Quiz 2022 game.

How to Play the Logo Game Quiz:1. Set the laptop to project on a screen. Separate everyone into two teams and provide each team with paper and pens. Open the Excel sheet and have each team start writing down the names of the company associated with each logo.


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