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Oniichan Wa Oshimai! - Episode 6

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Oniichan wa Oshimai! - Episode 6

In an episode that is sure to disappoint those looking for service, I assume that most of you that did not tune out last episode will do so after this one. I did mention in the episode 01 review that this would likely come to pass. Quite simply, this series is not for everyone.

Michio is saved from starring in an anal birth insect doujin. As a reward, the majority of the remaining media items here are captures, as there is not much interesting movement for the remainder of the episode.

As for the story, Michio spots the worst lookout (bandit) in the world staring at the trading house that Roxanne was sold in. Michio decides to relay this information to Alan, which leads to our next bit of plot that will be resolved in the next episode. 041b061a72


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