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Genshin Impact: Where to Download the Open-World Action RPG for Free

Genshin Impact is available on a number of different gaming platforms: you can currently enjoy this free-to-play RPG phenomenon on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS. Elsewhere we've covered what system specs you'll need to run the game on each of these, so you can choose the best device for you to play on. With that decision out of the way, this page will tell you everything you need to know about how to download Genshin Impact.

Regardless of if you've settled on a platform yet, the best place to start is to follow this link to the Genshin Impact download page. Here you'll find a page which helpfully links you to the Genshin Impact store pages on all available platforms.

what can i download genshin impact on

Whatever platform you're using, be aware that the game will need to finish downloading resources upon initial start-up before you can actually play it for the first time. Be sure to factor this into your plans and start up the game a while before you intend to start playing to avoid lots of waiting around.

PC players have a couple of choices when it comes to downloading Genshin Impact. If you're on the PC you want to use to play the game, you can directly access it from the Genshin Impact website: simply select 'Windows' from the choice of platforms to immediately begin the download.

Alternatively, you can go via the Genshin Impact page on the Epic Games Store if you'd prefer to have it curated as part of your collection on that launcher. Simply click 'Get' to add it to your library and follow the steps onscreen to begin the download.

That's all you need to know in order to download Genshin Impact on your platform of choice and start playing! For more Genshin Impact guides to get you set up, take a look at our guide to cross-platform multiplayer and cross-saving in Genshin Impact. And once you're up and running, check out our Genshin Impact codes page to see if you can claim any free goodies, and our Genshin Impact character tier list so you can start planning your dream adventuring party.

Genshin Impact can be downloaded by visiting the official website of the game at the link here. Now, click on Windows to start the download. Once the file is downloaded, tap install and follow the on-screen prompts. The video game is not available via Steam or the Epic Games Store.

If you prefer to keep all your games in launchers, then Genshin Impact is available in the Epic Games Launcher. Simply download the game through the Epic Games Store, where it will always stay in your Library.

Genshin Impact was initially announced on June 9, 2019, for both mobile phones (Android and iOS) and PCs. After that, it becomes one of the most famous games in the world and it wins multiple honors. You can download Genshin Impact freely from the Apple store and Google Play. If you want to play it on the PC, get it from its official website.

Hi. Everything else except the actual game worked for me. it says there isnt enough space on my computer but genshin is the only thing i downloaded after converting to windows. is there a way to fix this

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The pre-installation feature for Genshin Impact comes with some pros and cons. The obvious pro for using the feature is that it is a significant time-saver by allowing you to download in-game resources before a scheduled update; unfortunately, it still means we are holding onto the current patch resources while trying to download new ones. In actuality, installing these hefty files makes your current version even more bloated in size. Thankfully HoYoverse does sometimes shrink the scope of pre-installation files by removing old unused assets from older event quests for upcoming updates, but this is only sometimes the case.

Cutting down the update file size is not impossible, but you can clean out the unused files from the previous patch first and then download the new update on release. This way, you can shave off some space with a minimal time investment, especially with a speedy internet connection. But this isn't always the case, and sometimes you're sharing bandwidth with the rest of your household, which means scheduling the pre-installation will likely benefit you more.

Recently HoYoverse implemented a quest resource management tool; essentially, you have the option to delete past event data like completed Archon quests and other story quests. It may only shave off a few gigs of data, but every little bit helps. If you change your mind later, you can always re-download the quest resource data after you've deleted it.

Thankfully, with Nvidia's GeForce NOW, Genshin Impact is available to play, meaning you can bypass downloading the game and never worry about the headache of storage space ever again. However, since this is a cloud gaming service, expect the mileage to vary regarding performance. But it's one of the best options, especially when your device's storage space is at death's doors.

While this is not as great as a direct download, it currently is the best way to play Genshin Impact on Mac without any software modifications or unreliable sources. A few other solutions mention installing Windows on Mac, for instance, but this can be tricky for users unfamiliar with managing multiple operating systems (OS).

I'm like really late lol, but I wish they would stop calling games like this and immortals fenyx rising copy's! For one, fenyx rising has a completely different story (that has to do with Greek mythology) and although I am not fully sure yet about genshin (I've only played a few minutes ?) it looks nothing like botw.

Hi! I am curious if you will update this website for the 2.6 version? It will be released in the next 3 days! This helped me download genshin and I am curious if you will make another tutorial for the upcoming 2.6?

Omg thank you so much for this!! I was downloading the game from scratch again and tried at least 15 times and that 43 GBs 3.0 vers drove me crazy, it was so frustrating. This was so simple and it downloaded over night without any complications. Bless you jazakAllah ?

Hi, Ali! I finally downloaded genshin. I deleted everything again and started downloading zip files and game itself again. And it took a lot more time to download those zip files. Maybe it was the cause of problem? But now, I can play genshin with no problem(except playing it on the lowest graphics). But do I need manually update it too?

hi, i did everything but kept on getting failed to get unity player.dll, i installed and copy pasted it in genshin impact game, and then tried running the game and now it said failed to load mono, i installed and copy pasted it in genshin impact game folder and its still not working please help

hi, is it important that i always download the last modified file? the internet speed is low so sometimes when i am downloading (which takes like 6h for each part) it says that the last modified time has changed and if i want to download again.

With this the launcher will be ready to launch with no extra fidgeting(it will check once for updates) so you can pretty much skip the whole starting the download-deleting the temp files business. (but you helped me a lot, so I could finally squeeze win11 and genshin impact on a 124gb sdcard to play it on a steamdeck)

Can I only download the audio file that I want instead of the file that the launcher tries to download normally? I want japonese audio but launcher try to download the english audio, after erasing the english temporary zip can I put the japanese one in place?

Whenever I try to extract these files error occurs.Last time I downloaded it for the 3.1 update . After that it has not been extracted correctly.?. Everytime I ask you for help you either ignore me or tell me too extract again with different extractors. But that solution does not works at all. Error always appears and always. ?

ummm my computer stuck at the sytem name virtual memory so i need to move it to another disk( it the only disk i can download ) so can you help me to move it ?here the picture: =880&height=435it ok if you cantand sr im bad at english

Hello, I have an important question, I own genshin impact 001 ,002 and 003 , if I download 004 and 005 and the English audio from here, and put them in the correct file and enter the launcher, will the game work?

Of course, I downloaded them after the release of this update (3.7), so if I download the missing files, do I need to follow the method you talked about, or put the files in their place and then enter directly into the launcher?

Genshin Impact supports multiple devices. Logging into the same account allows you to synchronize game progress no matter what platform you are playing on. This setting of Mihayo eliminates the hassle of transferring game saves between different devices, but it still requires downloading large local game files to the new device.

In order to avoid the trouble of downloading the game again, players can restore the game files from the old computer to the new one by backing up the game files. And this article will give you a detailed tutorial on how to back up and restore Genshin Impact with great ease.

Although you can back up files with the copy function of your PC, Genshin Impact's game file size is over 10 GB. if you only rely on the basic copy function, it may cause the whole backup to be no shorter than re-downloading the game. For backing up game data, using EaseUS Todo Backup is the best option.

If you have restored the files to the same location, Launcher will most likely recognize the game files automatically, and you can run the game directly. However, there is a second possibility that Launcher will not recognize your game and require you to download it again.

Genshin Impact is a fascinating 3D game. In order to enable players to use multiple platforms to interoperate accounts, miHoYo has given this game strong compatibility. However, because of the large file size of the Genshin Impact PC version, it will take a long time to re-download the game on a new PC. The best option is to back up the downloaded game files and restore them to a new device.


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