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Sonic Collection Ps2 Iso

Reviews for Sonic Mega Collection were generally favorable. Louis Bedigian of GameZone praised the controls as "top-notch" including that "even the thumbstick is usable, and it works flawlessly."[25] Game Informer declared Sonic Mega Collection to be "perhaps the best compilation ever."[18] Fran Mirabella of IGN christened the compilation as "a wonderful little collection that, while not perfect, is a great value."[24] Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot suggested that "if you're fiending for Sonic the Hedgehog and either don't have or are unwilling to drag out a dusty Genesis from the closet, don't hesitate to give it a shot."[20] However, Johnny Liu of Game Revolution advised "just blow the dust off the old Genesis, because there isn't enough good extra stuff here."[23] Nintendo Power described Sonic Mega Collection as "the ultimate compilation of Sonic adventures."[18] It was a runner-up for GameSpot's annual "Best Platformer on GameCube" award, which went to Super Mario Sunshine.[26]

Sonic Collection Ps2 Iso

In all, this hefty anthology houses seven different Sonic games taken from the SEGA Genesis era in addition to three bonus lock-on games and six Sonic Game Gear titles. Moreover, the collection also houses perfectly emulated versions of Comix Zone, Flicky, Ristar, and The Ooze, as well as an interactive Sonic the Hedgehog museum complete with art, comics, and historical info.Seven classic sonic genesis games plus six additional sonic game gear titles; unlockable games and secrets; re-designed interface and extra bonus material.

The cheats for the original versions of all of the games in the collection should work for their counterparts in the collection. Just insert various passwords with the corresponding buttons from what you're playing on to the game's original control setup. This works for hints and unlockables, too.

The other listings are a series of A's in hiragana. Vectorman was eventually included with Sonic Gems Collection, while Monster Lair (the Mega Drive port of the third Wonder Boy arcade game) was not put in any collection. The original 3D Studio Max file of the menu is present in the same folder, as well as a breakdown of all the menu's textures in PNG format.

Sonic CD was going to be in the collection, but was cut due to emulation issues and a supposed lack of space. A scan of the European manual is still in the collection's files, while gameselect.tpl contains an image with crude Japanese writing of "ソニック CD" ("Sonic CD").


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