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What is a cabinet?A cabinet is custom-built hardware for playing digital pinball games, especially Pinball FX3 & Pinball FX. In most cases, it is a PC with multiple displays connected and placed in a case that resembles a real arcade pinball machine.

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How will Cabinet Mode be supported?The features released in the May 26 update are just the foundation of the mode. Many new features and improvements will arrive at Pinball FX full launch.

In this context, a cabinet is a custom built PC hardware for playing pinball-genre videogames, especially Pinball FX3. In most cases, it is a Steam-based PC with multiple displays attached and placed in a case which resembles a real arcade pinball machine.

Pinball FX 2 (stylized as Pinball FX2) is a pinball video game for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows (XP and higher)[1] and is the sequel to Pinball FX. It was developed by Zen Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. It was released on October 27, 2010 via the Xbox Live Arcade service. The game includes several new features, such as local multiplayer and the ability to tweak table settings. Players can also import all of the tables from Pinball FX they had previously purchased. The Windows 8 version of Pinball FX 2 was released on the Windows Store on October 27, 2012, two years after the original XBLA release.[2] The game was subsequently released for other Windows platforms via Steam on May 10, 2013.[1] Pinball FX 2 was announced for Windows Phone in February 2012.[3]

Pinball FX 2 uses the same basic rules as a physical pinball machine, but in a virtual environment. As with a traditional pinball machine, the player fires a steel ball onto the playfield using a plunger. Once the ball is in play the player controls the flippers and can nudge the machine to influence the path of the ball.[4] Each of the game's tables become more complex as the game advances, opening new paths and opportunities.[4]

Pinball FX 2 is available free of charge and includes tables that can be played with a set time limit (Xbox and Steam) or fully with video advertisements (Windows 8). Players can choose to download an expansion pack dubbed Pinball FX 2 Core which unlocks four tables: BioLab,[6] Pasha,[7] Rome,[8] and Secrets of the Deep.[7] Additional tables can be purchased individually, or via compilations. The first compilation, titled Pinball FX Classic, contains four tables from the original Pinball FX.[9] As the original Pinball FX was delisted from Xbox Live Marketplace, people who purchased Pinball FX receive the Classic collection, as well as other tables they purchased for that title, for free. The second compilation, Marvel Pinball, has four pinball tables based on major Marvel Comics characters: Blade, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.[10] Achievements are based on the table rather than the game, allowing Pinball FX 2 to have a record 2050 gamerscore and 97 achievements on Xbox Live Arcade.[11][12][note 1] Each table can also be tweaked and configured via the game's Operators menu. This allows players to adjust where certain parts of the table are located and how many points unlock special sections and features of the table.[5] On April 20, 2011, the Mars table was released. Themed around the planet of the same name, it is the first new individual table since the release of Pinball FX 2.[13] On August 31, 2011, Pinball FX 2 received its first original individual table with the release of Ms. Splosion Man, a table based on the Xbox Live Arcade platformer of the same name developed by Twisted Pixel Games.[14] From October 26 to November 2, 2011, the full version of the Paranormal table was given away for free as a gift to the game's fans.[15] On September 4, 2012, a table based on the popular PopCap Games title Plants vs. Zombies was released for both Pinball FX 2 and the newly released Zen Pinball 2 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.[16] On December 12, 2012, four tables from Zen Pinball were released for Pinball FX 2, leaving only one PlayStation 3-exclusive table from the original Zen Pinball remaining on that platform.[17] Said last table, a table based on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, was finally released on the Xbox One version on December 4, 2014,[18] thus removing all table exclusivity for Zen Pinball.

Zen Studios Managing Director Zsolt Kigyossy detailed the reasons for focusing primarily on pinball games. "We have guys in the studio who have spent countless hours and pockets full of money at arcades playing pinball."[25] Kigyossy explained that the design process for the tables begins with a conceptual design on paper. Basic 3D models and shapes are then created and implemented into a test environment. The artists then add graphical details and animations. Once gameplay and visual design is complete a final pass is made "properly lighting the table, so the tables becomes lifelike."[25] Simultaneously other designers work on the LED display system, sound and gameplay mechanics. The game then spends two to three months in testing before the table is considered ready for release. The entire process takes approximately six months per table.[25] Kigyossy further stated the team plans to "keep the tables coming, support our games long term, and give fans a great selection to choose from."[25]

The developers stated that they listened to fan responses from the first game and implemented those ideas into the sequel. "We have been listening to our fans and building the pinball game that they envisioned," stated Kigyossy. "It took a little longer than expected, but we have designed a game that unifies the online community, and takes all the social features to the next level."[21] The game was made available free of charge and gives players the ability to try any table for a limited time. Players can then elect to download Pinball FX 2 Core which unlocks full versions of the Pinball FX 2 tables. Owners of the original Pinball FX can import their existing tables, then selectively choose which of the new tables they want to download.[21] Players who do not own Pinball FX can purchase the Pinball FX Classic pack, which contains the three original tables along with the free downloadable table from the original game.[21] Kigyossy hinted that some of the exclusive tables from Zen Pinball would be coming in the future to Pinball FX 2,[25] which was realized when the Mars table was released on April 20, 2011.[26] Zen Studios announced on February 29, 2012 that the game would be available for free along with the Sorcerer's Lair table for Windows 8 users, with the additional tables available as premium downloadable content.[27] It was released on the new OS for download from the Windows Store on October 27, 2012, although the Mars table was provided for free instead.[2]

A port of Pinball FX 2 to Xbox One was announced in March 2014.[28] In July 2014, Zen Studios set a launch date for July 31, 2014 and further announced that the front-end would be free to download and include Sorcerer's Lair, with the game running in 1080p and at 60 frames per second.[29] The announcement also noted that owners of the Xbox 360 edition of the game would have to repurchase Xbox One versions of tables they already owned on Xbox 360.[29] Later that month, however, Zen Studios announced a delay of the release of Pinball FX 2 into August 2014, but added the delay was necessary in order to update the game to permit players to transfer their tables from Xbox 360 to Xbox One at no additional charge.[30] On August 14, 2014, Zen Studios announced that Pinball FX 2 was officially available for Xbox One, including the ability to import tables from the Xbox 360 version.[31] In October 2014, the Windows 8 version of the game was updated with a new pane-based UI and the ability to play all available tables in the game for free with video advertisements playing before each game.[32][note 2] The option to buy full tables were maintained, as buying full tables in the new Windows 8 version removes the adverts and allows access to the tables' operator's menu feature.[32] However, the update was plagued with issues, including some of the tables being (initially) removed post-update and problems of restoring the full ad-free versions of tables if they were purchased pre-update, including the restoration of the then-fully free Mars table.[32]

Pinball FX 2 received positive reviews from critics. On the aggregate sites GameRankings and Metacritic, it holds a score of 86.13% and 88/100, respectively.[34][35] Both sites report a majority review scores of 80% and higher.[40][41] Sales were high its first week of release, moving over 19,000 units.[42] 2010 sales have exceeded 82,000 units for the Core pack. Individual downloadable table sales have ranged from 47,000 to 97,000 units.[43] Reviewers felt the game was an improvement over its predecessor, Pinball FX. GamesRadar's Matthew Keast stated "You'll forget you're not playing an actual table."[44] Nick Chester of Destructoid added "Zen [Studios] already has pinball on consoles nailed."[7]

The main reason I love and still play my Xbox is the Gears of War series. Once Gears 6 drops, and few other exclusives like Fable and Avowed, I will be getting the Series S. I love the design of the Series X, and would love to have the full next gen experience, but I think I'll stick with the much cheaper option.

@eggsbox Quite the opposite, the only Xbox Game Studio that has re-confirmed that their game is coming to Xbox One is 343 Industries. All the others are silent but had the Xbox One logo removed from the official game cards. Microsoft ditched most of the cross-gen plans, now they want to fully use the power of the next-gen consoles. Most Xbox Game Studios are focused on Series games now. Series S will run the same games at 1440p or upscaled to 4K.


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