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NBC Content Coming Back To ITunes

"This game is truly addicting as we've seen with the huge fanbase its amassed as an App Store favorite, said Lynn Monica, VP& GM of Mobile Games, Hands-On Mobile. "We saw a greatopportunity to take this game cross-platform and have workedclosely with Subatomic Studios to create the same addictiveexperience that has captured iPhone users and kept them coming backfor more."

NBC Content Coming Back to iTunes

Many of our perceived restrictions on access to content in various forms (ie, paid subscription vs. ad supported or even streaming/on-demand vs. traditional linear) result from arcane contractual entanglements that have developed on the back of decades of old technological paradigms. In this case, the network covering the event might be limited in its ability to create a stand-alone paid subscription by the terms of its contract with the TV distributor (cable/satellite company).

Such is the case with, which offered up a free download of a short "SaturdayNight Live" sketch. NBC itself also offers the sketch free on its Web site. But NBC told YouTube to givethe skit the heave-ho. Why? Perhaps this could lead to abuse. Perhaps someone would get too crazy and start promoting other shows, real crappy ones. Then what? I don't know. Perhaps they couldclimb out of last place. NBC's official response to YouTube is this: "We're taking a long and careful look at how to protect our content," said a spokeswoman, who added that the company means noill will toward fan sites. This is backward thinking. Buzz marketing, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is what network marketing executives should be dreaming about, efforts which cancoolly relaunch shows, or tout quality--but underappreciated--shows. Viral marketing may be imperfect--but it could be the answer in an age of fractionalization. advertisement

They definitely put it all together well. I wrote a while back about the awesome sharing feature they have. They definitely understand what content the consumers want and how to provide it the way the consumers want.


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