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Smile drew from what most rock stars of the time considered to be antiquated pop culture touchstones, like doo-wop, barbershop, ragtime, exotica, pre-rock and roll pop, and cowboy films.[130] Some of the music incorporated chanting, forays into Indian and Hawaiian music, jazz, classical tone poems, cartoon sound effects, musique concrète, yodeling,[133] and elements derivative of Sacred Harp, Shaker hymns, Mele, and Native American chants.[119] Music critic Erik Davis wrote of the album's disconnect to contemporary rock music clichés, noting that "Smile had banjos, not sitars".[134][nb 13] Wilson said he deliberately avoided traditional rock instrumentation because he wanted to employ ideas that were more "original" for Smile.[32] Also recorded were renditions of older songs such as "Gee", "I Wanna Be Around", "The Old Master Painter", and "You Are My Sunshine". Priore described this action as Wilson's attempt to expose "pre-'60s songwriting [...] to the psychedelic era."[135]

Gemini AA - Destiny Disco


Producer Don Was told The New York Times in August 1995: "We showed Brian an interactive CD-ROM of Todd Rundgren's [No World Order] and told him that this is how he should release Smile. He could load up an interactive CD with seven hours of stuff from those sessions and just tell the people who buy it, 'You finish it.' Brian's into it; now it's up to the record company."[358] Following the recording of Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 (1996), the Beach Boys discussed finishing Smile at a band meeting. Carl rejected the idea, as he feared that it would cause Brian another nervous breakdown.[359] The difficulties that caused the 18-month delay for the release of The Pet Sounds Sessions (1997) discouraged Capitol from issuing a similar box set for Smile.[352]

Responding to Anderle's statement, Siegel countered, "Brian was a genius and, if anything, I underestimated him. [...] I wasn't aware of him as a myth. I just wrote down what I saw and heard."[54] Williams shifted his opinion on the album after having heard many of the recordings for the first time in 16 years.[379] He felt that when "the myth" that he and Anderle had "certainly helped create" is discounted from his evaluation, the tracks "clearly" reveal themselves as "the work of someone very stoned", and that even though "there are moments of great sensitivity and deep feeling", the "overall character [...] is not at all a "heart" album (as Pet Sounds certainly is); rather it is, and was clearly meant to be, a sort of three-ring circus of flashy musical ideas and avant-garde entertainment."[403]

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