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Nicky Youre, Dazy - Sunroof

American singer-songwriter Nicky Youre is making a name for himself via his now viral single \"Sunroof.\"\r\r\r\r\"I'll leave the actual meaning to personal interpretation but for me it's really just a song that is supposed to be easy to listen to and something you can toss on at any moment without it feeling weird or out of place. That was the reason I wanted to make it,\" Youre said in a Zoom interview with Music Geek\r\r\"I would say it's supposed to be something that is lighthearted and remind you to just go enjoy life, do your thing, don't overthink and just have a good time with it,\" the artist added.\r\rNow signed under Columbia Records, he collaborated with Dazy on this track.\r\r\"It was great working with Dazy. He is a phenomenal producer. We met up with each other in the DM on Instagram because we are a fan of each other's music. I was sick one night and I ended up sending him a melody for a song called 'Sunroof.' He sent something back and I knew instantly that it was something special to me. I think 22 versions later, it is turning to be what it is today and that's the version we put out. So, it has been cool! We created a very cool song and we also built a really awesome friendship,\" Youre shared.\r\rGrowing up in Orange County, California and listening to the music of The Beatles, Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber has influenced his music heavily.\r\r\"I grew up 5 minutes from the beach so I was over there at different beaches across the coastline. Pretty often, my dad is a huge surfer. He's always talking about surfing and doing things that are beachy even though I'm not the biggest beachy guy. I think it has been around me my whole life. Just being around it, I'm bound to pick up on a lot of the things that those people are kind of into. That has influenced my music for me making beachy, summery and fun to listen to music.\"\r\rWalking further down the memory lane, Youre recalled how he always loved to sing in class just for fun.\r\r\"Whenever I feel awkward, I would just sing because it helped me to not feel awkward. But I'd say I realized I wanted to make it, when my buddies started making stuff. I realized how fun it was just messing around with production and singing on top of beats which was about five or six years ago. It wasn't until 'Sex and Lemonade' which was the first pop song I actually made, that I was making electronic dance music beforehand. It was really bad. I started making pop music with 'Sex and Lemonade' and that was when I realized I wanted to be in this pop genre. Fun type of music and the stuff I am making right now,\" Youre said.\r\r\r\rTaking inspiration from Justin Bieber, Dominic Fike, Quinn XCII, Role Model and Tai Verdes, Jeremy Zucker, Alexander 23, blackbear and more, Youre's tracks start with the most powerful aspect of his music, the undoubtedly catchy melodies.\r\r\"I really just go base on feelings. So if I'm trying to make a sad song, I just say words that typically are sad until it makes me feel sad. And then I can kinda go from there. That's what I did with 'Sunroof.' I wanted something that make me feel good because I was sick at that time. I really just thought of fun, summer things such as putting your hands off the sunroof when you're driving with some of your friends and screaming your favorite songs. It came into fruition. I think of music as pulling out a song from thin air.\"\r\rHere's more of Music Geek's interview with the Southern California native:\r\rYou earned a degree in international business. How does this course apply in your career as a full-time musician?\r\rI actually think it has helped me a fair amount. I definitely understand the business side of things a little bit in music. The music industry is like the most complex thing ever. It is so confusing trying to navigate all of the different forms of business within it. So, having some background has been really great for me as well as having a phenomenal team that has been the backbone of my whole project and has helped really ensure that things are going the way it's supposed to be. I'm just grateful to have some knowledge on business and to have an amazing team.\r\rWhat's the best feedback you've had on your music?\r\rI think the best things that I've been hearing are from my YouTube comments. It's made people feel less depressed and helped them get out of depressive states. So, it's been really great for me as an artist to learn that I, some random dude who just started making music a couple of years ago, can have an impact on people and make them feel better. Even if it's only a couple of minutes at a time, however long the song is. That is the biggest thing that I've learned and I'm super grateful for that. Looking forward to doing more of that with the songs that are coming out over the next couple of months.\r\rAny plans for an EP or album? If yes, what can your fans expect from it?\r\rI'm gonna be putting out a remix sometime soon over the next month with an artist that I've loved for quite some time now. Then I'm also gonna be doing an EP over the summer of stuff that's gonna be similar to \"Sunroof\" but different and unique in their own ways. It's all gonna be happy, fun and easy to listen to stuff. And I think you'll like it.\r\rWhat's next for you\/what are you excited about?\r\rWhat's next is the remix and the EP. I'm gonna be doing some shows over the next couple of months. Hopefully do a tour potentially. Maybe an opening act for someone would be awesome. We'll see what happens. I'm just excited for right now and I'm trying to live in the moment and be as present as I possibly can.","article_custom_fields":"\"\":[\"\"],\"seo_meta_keywords\":[\"\"],\"seo_meta_description\":[\"\"],\"seo_meta_title\":[\"\"],\"sponsored_flag\":[\"\"],\"offer_flag\":[\"\"],\"featured_article_flag\":[\"\"],\"drupal_json\":[\"\\\"type\\\":null,\\\"properties\\\":\\\"PUBLISHED\\\":0,\\\"PROMOTED\\\":0,\\\"STICKY\\\":0,\\\"fields\\\":[]\"],\"wp_custom_json\":[\"\\\"type\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"fields\\\":[]\"],\"article_tags\":[\"\"],\"show_image\":[\"off\"],\"Disable_Ad\":[\"off\"],\"disable_player\":[\"off\"],\"column\":[\"\"],\"kicker\":[\"\"],\"edel\":[\"\"],\"delu\":[\"\"],\"delt\":[\"Read this in The Manila Times digital edition.\"],\"premium\":[\"off\"],\"Redirect_URL\":[\"\"],\"page_number\":\"0\",\"initial_publication\":\"\",\"date_created\":\"2022-07-27 23:17:40\",\"date_modified\":\"2022-07-27 23:20:18\",\"last_modified_user\":\"Ian Christopher Sore\\u00f1o\",\"section_color\":\"\",\"target_page\":\"0\",\"cxense_metatags\":null","cms_type":"live","author_id":207,"section_id":12,"seo_meta_keywords":"Nicky,Youre,shines,bright,with,'Sunroof'","seo_meta_description":"Nicky Youre shines bright with 'Sunroof'","seo_meta_title":"Nicky Youre shines bright with 'Sunroof'","publish_time":"2022-07-28 00:17:00","related_articles_ids":"","article_tags":"","sub_section_id":19,"visit_count":60,"sponsored_flag":0,"offer_flag":0,"featured_article_flag":0,"media_gallery_flag":0,"video_gallery_flag":0,"highlight_flag":0,"top_story_flag":0,"is_updated":0,"is_old_article":0,"old_article_id":0,"article_byline":"Mark Bonifacio","ts":"2022-09-15 05:08:51","last_edited":"2022-07-27 23:20:18","alt_publish_time":"2022-07-27 23:20:24","image_path":"\\\"image_path\\\":\\\"manilatimes\\\\\/uploads\\\\\/images\\\\\/2022\\\\\/07\\\\\/27\\\\\/92625.jpg\\\",\\\"cms_type\\\":\\\"live\\\",\\\"small_image\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"is_updated\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"image_cropping\\\":\\\"\\\\\\\"original_image\\\\\\\":\\\\\\\"image_original_width\\\\\\\":650,\\\\\\\"image_original_height\\\\\\\":598,\\\\\\\"icd_image_type\\\\\\\":\\\\\\\"original_image\\\\\\\"\\\",\\\"is_copied\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"media_type\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"image_caption\\\":\\\"The American singer-songwriter enjoyed\\\\ncollaborating with Dazy on the track.\\\",\\\"image_alt_text\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"image_count\\\":2","author_name":"Mark Bonifacio","section_name":"Entertainment-Lifestyle","sub_section_name":"Show Times","slide_show":0,"breaking_news":0,"visit_count_update_date":null,"old_cms_article_id":null,"permalink":"2022\/07\/28\/entertainment-lifestyle\/show-times\/nicky-youre-shines-bright-with-sunroof\/1852509","show_image_in_thumb":0,"api_status":2,"a_custom_data":"\"exclude_from_gallery\":null,\"lead_image_id\":null","publication_id":2,"max_publish_time":"2022-07-28 00:17:00","page_number":"0","homepage_article_flag":0,"article_shortlink":null,"cropped_image":0}; Entertainment & LifestyleEntertainmentNicky Youre shines bright with 'Sunroof'MUSIC GEEKRead NextMarauding monkey caught, killed after dozens hurt var VUUKLE_CONFIG = apiKey: "ddc3d585-821a-474d-b7da-9360d9e4f2e7", articleId: 1852509, author: 'Mark Bonifacio', ;By Mark BonifacioJuly 28, 202260American singer-songwriter Nicky Youre is making a name for himself via his now viral single "Sunroof."

Nicky Youre, dazy - Sunroof



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