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Reg Code Speeder Xp 14

In my last review, I complained about its lack of unique elements, and while that complaint is still valid, it is also true that this version of the landspeeder is now one of the most complete and exclusive UCS sets of all time. I have one very minor gripe with the set, but its actually not really a problem. The land speeder is at least twice as wide as the speeder from 2015 UCS set, which I think is a good thing. This better accommodates most of the changes made to the landspeeder in Rogue One and is a good thing for the set, even if it means it costs twice as much as a regular speeder. But besides that, the set is a delight, and the new section I described at the end of my review makes it all the more complete and accurate. The detailing on the land speeder is gorgeous and anyone who owns it will love looking it up on their datapad after theyve watched Rogue One. It also makes an excellent central display piece for any fans with double speeders to show off.

reg code speeder xp 14

Overall, I find the small issues with the design of the landspeeder to be pretty minor. If youre like me and are looking for just the coolest UCS this year, the UCS Landspeeder Vehicle should be your top choice, and the exclusivity of it will be worth the extra cash spent on it alone. What do you think of the changes in the model? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

C-3PO is a beast of a character, with his real character developed in The Empire Strikes Back, where he begins to show off his intelligence and become the indispensable companion to Obi-Wan Kenobi. This means that C-3PO is definitely my favourite of the films two protagonists, as I find him both the funniest and most well-developed. He also has a brilliant build and a great sense of comedy, which I like to think this landspeeder is set up to accentuate. The two minifigs are similarly well-rounded and articulate.


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