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Vasiliy Costin
Vasiliy Costin

Gta Sa S0beit Single Player 11

It is also made for single player. As for the post directly above, I know it was sobeit, since single player works fine without the mod. I have no other mods either. I thought maybe someone would recognize the exception code and know what do do about it.

gta sa s0beit single player 11

well i guess so but i know that sa-mp has a lot more people only because when in a search when you type gta sa multiplayer it gives you the sa-mp site but i think that by the videos i saw on youtube and the features you say you have it looks a lot better then sa-mp

Remote players cannot give you viruses or any forms of malware/spyware. Server administrators can see your IP, however most of the time server admins are responcible people. Furthermore even if an admin knows your IP, they cannot just randomly send you a virus.


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