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Apples Clips App Is IMovie For The Next Generation

As Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Bob Borchers, explains, "iMovie has empowered millions of consumers across the world to create and share their experiences through video." By adding Storyboards and Magic Movie to iMovie 10.1, we hope to encourage the next generation of video-makers to jump in and start making their own videos."

Apple’s Clips app is iMovie for the next generation

As you known, Apple developed a video app similar to iMovie. It's called Clips. In my humble opinion, Clips is the simplified iMovie version for the next generation. Therefore, Clips might looks like Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories.

With a second preview version now in the hands of app developers, Apple's next generation of Mac OS X, called Lion (Version 10.7), appears to be on track for its planned release to the public this summer. The company has announced several new features for the upcoming Macintosh operating system (some of which are lifted straight from iOS, Apple's mobile platform) including the following:

Today was the day many Apple fans were waiting for, as CEO Tim Cook took to the stage in the new Steve Jobs Theater to introduce the next generation of the iPhone and Apple Watch families. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the latest new phones, and they both pack a lot of technical punch.


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