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John Deere Baler Serial Number Lookup

my first thought would be to start by checking the continuity between the two batteries. and then, to insure that the batteries are good and that the switch is in the correct posistion, there are two plumb positions on the switch. the two posts are labeled left and right and the switch is centered in the middle.

john deere baler serial number lookup

1. the fuse holder is probably a couple of years old. you may not even have one there. once a fuse develops a short, its really easy to bypass it with a little tweezers. i would look for it first. pull it off and you can search for the blown one. when we start something that needs a fuse, i grab one from the original spare box and leave it in the tractor. all of my fuses were replaced long ago. if you cannot find the original fuse holder, you can build one and connect it to the tractor.

2. the batteries are covered by a hinged piece of steel. the piece needs to be opened before you can inspect the batteries and make sure theyre ok. otherwise you dont know if any connection between terminals is loose. to open them, use a soft-tipped screwdriver to pry the bolt into position, then push it down until you can grab the bolt and pull it through. once the bolt is off, open each end and look for electrical connections that need to be tightened.

3. check that the electrical connections to the starter solenoid and starting motor are tight and there is no over-ride switch. also be sure that both the clutch switch and the clutch solenoid are closed. the clutch switch is usually on the side of the steering. the solenoid is in the steering column, usually on the right side of the steering wheel.


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