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Vasiliy Costin

Streamer's Life Trainer: How to Modify Your Game and Become a Famous Streamer

other features include the new player comments feature that can send fans to a comment thread. this helps streamers get more interaction. social media integration allows players to be online and view the comments. on top of that, users can easily make and broadcast vlogs just like in real life.

Streamer's Life trainer download


all in all, it sounds like a great game with a lot to offer. like the you can have coffee with me meetup integration, you can easily decide what kind of streamer you want to become. it doesn't seem like there's a limit to how many different types of streamers there can be.

therefore, we can expect a huge variety of streamers who can experience all of the elements that play a role in their online content. the steam community also has a huge role to play with the newly updated game mode.

streamer mode makes it more interactive. there are time limits for matches, and you need to find ways to get more people to watch. the experience is pretty similar to that of a game of league of legends when a pro team struggles to play against a secondary school team. but in this case, it's in real time. you need to work to make it to the top instead of just putting your name on the line and playing for fun.

the other new feature is the bandwidth management framework. this allows players to see how many people are watching and how their streams are performing. it also helps streamers to see what changes they need to make to improve their stream. for example, if someone is losing a lot of viewers, they can change the music or quality of their webcam.

the game is based on the rich life simulation engine that is also used in life is strange but, as a player, you will not have access to any of the locations of that series. this limits players as they are very limited in what they can do and explore. the game is primarily a narrative of what happens to you as a streamer.


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