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Ubnt Firmware 5.5.6: The Latest and Greatest Software Update for Your Ubiquiti Devices

Downloading the firmware for broadband internet provider is rather simple but it requires quite some patience. If the device is not able to recognize the firmware file this might take some time. Please check the device s manual if an automatic update is possible (like on the PocketBook Note 3 Touchstone). We will demonstrate this using an internet provider that is not famous as well. We use open source firmware for this guide, so it is important to know the version in use.

Ubnt Firmware 5.5.6 Downloadl

For Vodafone or other broadband internet provider you can find the firmware within our download section. You may click the download button to start the download. It is recommended to manually download the firmware and extract the archive. If you choose to proceed, accept all the terms and conditions of the agreement. Note that after downloading the firmware, do not try to import it unless you completely understood the requirements of your device. Click on the tab Finishing Installation to see the guide on how to install the firmware.

The software processes the configuration file, the kernel updates the list of drivers and then downloads the firmware. Finally the software removes the version numbers. If everything went well a notification window will open with the summary.

This is the script to upgrade your firmware. You can find the script inside the OpenWrt-Hacking-Scripts directory. It was tested on an Edgerouter-X running OpenWrt 19.07.4 with the following options:

The model is required in order to calculate the file size of the firmware file. The model string is usually from one of the following: Edgerouter-X, Edgerouter-Xs, Edgerouter-E, Edgerouter-C, Edgerouter-R, Edgerouter-RX, Edgerouter-R2.


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