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Stripping Basket Buy

Red's Logo Stripping Basket. This comes with a nice little Red's Logo right on the front of the basket. This is the best stripping basket that we have found. If you are even thinking about a stripping basket GET ONE. In Lefty Kreh's book "Saltwater Fly Fishing" he says GET A STRIPPING BASKET. You should listen to Lefty Kreh. The basket we carry now is slightly lighter and includes a strap above the wading belt, as well as smaller cut-outs for your rod on the sides.

stripping basket buy


If you are reading this, you are probably in the market for a stripping basket, or at least curious about what different brands have to offer. Well, if any of those things describe your situation, you have come to the right place, because I, along with you, am also looking for a perfect stripping basket for my applications. This article will go over three major, different designs and compare them in a winner takes all (my money) battle.

A stripping basket is an essential fly fishing accessory for any angler who plans on wade fishing in circumstances where one would have more line ready to shoot. If you wade the saltwater surf and shallows or wade a Stillwater, you are probably familiar with having your fly line magically becoming tangled on every object within a reasonable radius. When you strip your line into a stripping basket, the line is contained and will not become a nuisance.

Although there are a lot of great options on the market, many fly fishers tend to create their own stripping baskets. A stripping basket can be made at home for around $20, and though they may not be as outstanding as the other ones mentioned in this article, they will certainly get the job done. Any large plastic container, clothes hamper, or even a cardboard box can get the job done with a few modifications.

1. Do NOT punch drainage holes in the bottom. The first one I made I put small holes in the bottom, thinking I was so clever adding drainage holes. That feeling lasted until I waded out with it for the first time and it instantly filled with water and soon felt like an anchor hanging from my waist. My weighted line sunk to the bottom of the basket, making it hard to shoot line. And, should I have lost my footing, it would have tried to carry me to meet Davey Jones.

3. When considering which spikes to put on the bottom of your basket, consider your line first. Some people use nylon cable ties to keep the line separated. I fear the cheap, sharp, and hard edges of the nylon ties can scrape up very expensive line. Opt instead for something smooth and round. One thing I like for this are long plastic golf tees, plastic wire nuts, and plastic or rubber chair floor protectors. Whatever you choose, you want to make sure its either straight or tapered such that the small end faces up.

The rugged, hard plastic shell is safe for use in all climates. The muted green color of the basket will keep any angler undercover while stalking spooky fish. It features an adjustable belt for anglers of all shapes and sizes and the built-in rod saddle feature accommodates easy storage of a wading staff or fishing rod. The LineKurv stripping basket comes with a two-year warranty.

Linekurv Stripping Basket, The best stripping basket in the market Combines the best qualities in function, durability, weight and price. -Stripping basket with nine cones and large volume to minimize line problems- -Handles high and low temperatures and the suns UV-radiation- -Manufactured with small tolerances to avoid unintended water leakage and foldings of the belt- -Including 50 mm wide wading belt with quality buckle- -built in rod holder- -built in carrying handle-

Without loosing any functionality in holding its form the TAKE basket is flexible. We know that, flyfishermen come in all shapes and sizes. Basket will adapt wether you are wearing it in front or in side position, landing a fish from boat or messing with your morning coffee! Use it high when you wade deep or low on your hip when fishing from shore with the same ease of use!

The lightest striping basket on the market finally will allow you to bring it all over! And when it comes to fishing - you will not feel any weight of it at all all. TAKE basket is not only light but it is also soft. Therefore you won't hurt your fingers by hitting the basket while striping.

Unibody construction without any stitches and glued seams makes our basket one of the STRONGEST on market. Unlike other soft baskets TAKE basket have unbelievable tear strength and ultimate flexibility making it almost indestructible. Besides, the convenient rod rest, designed to meet the size of almost any fly rod handle, is offering soft and secure "rod relax" while you change your fly or mess with knots.

Almost anywhere where you need to retrieve the line during fishing. We use stripping basket to catch seatrout from cost, pike from boat, trout in lake and in many other occasions. We all know how easy line gets snagged on grass, rocks, toes, shoelaces and all other stuff where it can tangle around during fishing.

It will allow you to focus only on retrieve but not on line handling during the fishing. And sexy retrieve is exactly what is needed for the decent TAKE! Even more - since line comes out from the basket with ease, it allows to cast further and reach those illusive distant feeders.

We believe that some type of flyfishing does not require a stripping basket and therefore we do not use it always. As an example during Salmon fishing with double handed rods and grayling fishing with dry fly stripping basket is not that essential but as always you can never know!

Without loosing any functionality in holding its form the TAKE basket is flexible. We know that, flyfishermen come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore we have designed a basket that will fit any body and shape, wether you are wearing in front or side position! Because of its flexibility it is possible to pack the TAKE basket into your day pack and take it with you on a longer hike even to the most remote destinations.

As mentioned above, the optional LINE SHOOTERS help control line loops and prevent tangling. The SHOOTERS are just tucked into the mesh bottom and can be adjusted to be horizontal or vertical in the basket based on preference. LINE SHOOTERS are sold per pair and installation instructions included.Additional informationDimensions8 11 3 inLine Tender and Line ShootersLine Tender, Shooters

Home made is the cheapest.Finding what works for you is the challenge.Heavy guage plastic tub will most likely last the longest or re-enforced especially where the belt,strap,bungie attach to the basket.Because all the weight will lean from there.I've used an Orvis basket[old style and new style] for many many years and it's not cheap but no issues.I've made all kinds of dish,waste[14" deep],crate,milk crate,etc. and all have gone by the wayside over time.Plenty of folks should chime in on this and quite a few options will be brought.

I bought a Linekurv for just under 60.00 last year after using a homemade tupperware basket for years. So far, I like the linekurv and would buy it again. The homemade basket did the job but I think I have a few less tangles with the linekurv. You'll spend anywhere from $10 - $20 on a homemade basket plus your time so the savings over a 5 year period vs the linekurv or something similar are not much. But if you enjoy DIY projects, give it it shot.

a lot of mesh baskets collapse in the surf in my experience. I used rubbermade homemade baskets for years with astro turf on the bottom or the heavy monofilament glued. but honestly, the expensive orvis basket is my current basket, drilled to let water out. the Linekurv looks to be a cost effective alternative.

If you want to make your own, my daughter has a Parent's Choice step stool from Wal-Mart that I'm going to steal when she grows out of it. Costs $ 7.78 and could easily be made into a stripping basket if you add a belt/buckle and some cones or something for line management. You could buy one of those to use instead of the typical dish pan.

Orvis basket winder durable stripping. A best seller of the fly fishing baskets and the first of its category. Heavy-duty plastic winder basket with notches for hands-free. Designed to adapt to your body and designed so that the line does not get lost. Belt included. Made in the USA

We have been testing this brand new basket on a recent trip to the coast line of Denmark! Without loosing any functionality in holding its form the TAKE basket is flexible. Flyfishermen come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore the folks at TAKE Tackle designed a basket that will fit any body and shape, wether you are wearing in front or side position! Because of its flexibility it is possible to pack the TAKE basket into your day pack and take it with you on a longer hike even to the most remote destinations.

The Linekurv stripping basket with nine cones and large volume to minimise line problems. Handles both high and low temperatures and the sun's UV radiation Manufactured with small tolerances to avoid unintended water leakage and folding of the belt. Includes a 50 mm wide wading belt with a quality buckle,built in rod holder and carry handle.

//If you're new to fly fishing, you may wonder what stripping baskets are and why you need one. It's very simple. This is a basket to keep your excess fly line controlled. Instead of drifting in the current, tangling around your feet or around rocks in the water, the basket keeps your line safe and ready to immediately follow your fly out over the water. After spending hours untangling your line over and over again, you'll be thankful to find a good stripping basket. 041b061a72


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