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Vasiliy Costin


  • MNHR Mynah BFG: Their weapon massive and heavy laser cutter. While a tool first and foremost, it works just fine to put huge holes into whatever they are aiming at. Elster finds several discarded ones and comments that she can't possibly pick one up.

  • The Big Guy: Not only are they taller than any other unit, they are far broader too.

  • Blood from Every Orifice: An exceptionally extreme version of this for the corrupt models. Their entire face seems to liquidate and pour out as a geyser of blood. Becomes their Achilles' Heel when they have to lift their visor to let out a torrent of red they are exceptionally vulnerable to attack.

  • Degraded Boss: The first Mynah-class replica is treated as an unavoidable boss battle complete with her own intro but later on shows up as a regular (if rare) enemy.

  • Gentle Giant: Is the largest Replika model in the game. But they are very calm and polite, needing only a stuffed animal to keep mental instability down. The one intact one found in game is very friendly despite being basically doomed due to immobility. Naturally subverted with the corrupted versions, who are anything but gentle.

  • Laser Cutter: Their primary tool for mining operations is a large laser device for carving into stone, the corrupt ones use it to attack from range.

  • Unskilled, but Strong: Mynah are not meant for combat and have no training for it. They don't suffer too much though, as it's revealed in notes that the only difference between a MNHR Unit and it's combat counterpart is what head is attached to the massive body, so they at least have the raw strength of those units if not the experience.

  • Tiny-Headed Behemoth: While it looks like she is wearing Power Armor, all that bulk is in fact her actual body. She just has a regular Replika head bolted on what would otherwise be the inside of the helmet.

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