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Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones

Mu GM Blaster V1.1.rar

yet another yuuzhan vong dreadnaughtal had been found, this one displaying a familiar design. the strike team made use of the remaining weapons to fight off numerous yuuzhan vong soldiers as they followed a stable tunnel. when they were close enough to the voxyn queen, rar took her blaster and splattered the cybernetic beast's processor brain with the toxin. the remaining voxyn emitted a high-pitched cry of pain, and they and their trainers collapsed. with the voxyn queen dead, the team could hunt her weaker allied and voxyn. rar and her companions moved through the tunnels, as a waypoint for jaina solo to track the voxyn queen and her trainer, alema rar. [1]

Mu GM Blaster v1.1.rar


during the fight in the training warren, the yuuzhan vong plant was blown up. the team moved through the warrens, killing the creatures inside the crater. after some time, rar came upon one of the voxyn clone grashal [1] and realized that it was the correct grashal. when the clone was killed, it turned and saw rar; an instant later the creature's partner, who was under a pile of rubble, slithered its way out. it appeared rar had used her longblaster to kill their partner. unwilling to miss the opportunity, rar fired at the creature, drilling a hole through its brain and killing it. [1] with the cloning plant destroyed, the team had to make a move. leaving rar behind with the voxyn, they moved into the great amphitheater. [1] there they found anakin solo, alive and suffering from shock at witnessing the voxyn queen's death. jaina contacted the team and offered to help, and the team made their way to the jedi planet, where solo had been found. in a shuttle, the team began a journey to the planet of ilum. [1]


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