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[S4E2] Five Minutes ^NEW^

"Infected" starts ominously enough with a scene involving a mysterious figure hand feeding rats to the Walkers outside of the fences. It then intensifies with a good, old-fashioned zombie murder. We first see the recently dead/undead Patrick bumbling around the cell block of the prison looking for a piece of fresh meat. Patrick's search for fresh food is preceded by a drawn-out encounter between Tyreese and Karen, so it seems Karen is the next to die. However, due to some mild sleep-apnea, the guy in the cell next door (bearded extra #1) snores his way to death by a well-placed bite on the neck. Following the demise of beard-y, all of our favorite, unnamed, inessential characters get furloughed over the course of a tense five-minute, bite-heavy scene.

[S4E2] Five Minutes

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Outside of the prison massacre, things are going from bad to worse. The Walkers, who are apparently well-studied in tactics from World War Z, begin to pile up next to the prison fence and threaten to knock the fence over. Sheriff-turned-farmer Rick, in an attempt to kill two infected birds with one knife, takes all of his pigs and uses them to draw the Walkers away from the fence. Oh, and he does this by slitting the pigs' legs so that they can't run away and have to be eaten (which, interestingly enough, was the same strategy that Shane used on Otis in Season 2. Is Rick the new Shane?). Watching the pigs get their legs slit is far more emotionally troubling and wince-inducing than watching any of the extras die 15 minutes beforehand.

"The Lion and the Rose" received critical acclaim, and was declared one of the best episodes of the series. It received five Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Lena Headey and Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for Diana Rigg, winning the award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series. Martin received a Writers Guild of America Award nomination for Television: Episodic Drama.

Until they get to where the prostitutes congregate, and as one of them starts having a go at him, perhaps about that window that just got smashed, he slaps her really hard. He and his companions end up held at bay in a dead end with an unhappy mob, that they spend the last five minutes pulling.

Mr. Monk Goes Home Again Season Episode Overall 4 2 46 InformationNameMr. Monk Goes Home AgainRelease Date15 July 2005Running Time44 minutesCreditsWritten byTom ScharplingDirected byRandy ZiskEpisode Guide Previous Episode Next Episode Mr. Monk and the Other Detective Mr. Monk Stays in Bed

Adrian rushes downstairs, yelling at Ambrose not to eat the candy because it has been poisoned. He finds an empty Neptune bar wrapper, and Ambrose mentions that the bar seems to have tasted funny. Adrian tells Natalie to call an ambulance, but Ambrose calmly says it is no use: tetrachlorodrine has no antidote, and he will be dead in five minutes.

In a ventilation shaft, Morty and Jerry come up with a plan to destroy the mothership and escape. Exasperated and fed-up, Morty wearily agrees. Jerry insists on a high-five despite Morty's ill humor and pointed comments about how they were in that mess because of Jerry but finally gives in. Unfortunately, the grate under them collapses and the two land in the middle of an army of soldiers.

La Forge and Worf are giving the Rozhenkos a tour through the engineering section, and Sergey tells La Forge a story about how they were called to school after Worf got into a fight. The Rozhenkos didn't know what to expect, and when they got there, they found their seven-year-old son in a chair glaring at five teenage boys, all with bloody noses, at which La Forge laughs, and Helena tells him the principal begged them to tell him there weren't any more coming. After Helena stops Sergey from telling La Forge another story, Sergey asks La Forge to show him the new engine core, as he used to be a warp field specialist on the old Excelsior-class ships. Helena asks Worf to show her the arboretum. After they leave, La Forge starts to talk to Sergey about the engine core and the theta-matrix compositor, but Sergey stops him and asks him about Worf. Sergey is clearly concerned about his adopted son.

Back in the Picard house, Jean-Luc has been drinking and thinking about Louis' offer when Robert comes in. Robert asks him if synthehol never leaves a person out of control, and then remarks that the real thing will. He then says that seeing the "gallant captain" out of control is something he'd like to see. He then asks Jean-Luc what happened to him up there and Jean-Luc asks if this is brotherly concern and Robert says it's merely curiosity. Jean-Luc says he knows what happened. Robert says he gathered that Jean-Luc was injured, and that he could use a little humiliation or humility. Either would do. Jean-Luc gets up and walks outside but Robert follows him asking him why he walks away, that isn't his style. Jean-Luc says he's tired of fighting with his brother. Robert tells him that "the great Captain Picard" falling to Earth to plunge into the ocean with Louis isn't the brother that he remembers. Robert calls him a returning hero which Jean-Luc denies but Robert insists he wouldn't settle for anything less. Jean-Luc asks him if he were so jealous and Robert says he was and he was justified, watching Jean-Luc receive all the cheers, break all their father's rules and always get away with it. When Jean-Luc asks why Robert didn't do so also, he says that he was the elder brother and therefore had to be responsible and look after Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc calls Robert a bully, to which Robert replies that sometimes he enjoyed it. Robert, now thoroughly enraged, asks Jean-Luc if the real reason he returned to Earth was because he wanted Robert to look after him again. The question is the last straw for Jean-Luc, who angrily punches Robert in the face, bowling him over some casks, and tackling him into the vineyard. However, after some minutes of shoving and wrestling in the mud, both brothers seem to forget about being angry and end up laughing heartily, remembering their childhood. Jean-Luc laughs that Robert was asking for it, but Robert says Jean-Luc needed it because he's been terribly hard on himself. Jean-Luc finally begins to emotionally break down and tells Robert, who just quietly listens, that he didn't see what the Borg did to him, how they took away his Humanity and used him to kill and destroy and he couldn't stop them. Crying, Jean-Luc admits his guilt in that while he tried very hard, he feels he should have done more to resist. He should have been able to stop the Borg from using him, but he wasn't strong enough or good enough. Robert gently observes that his brother is a normal, regular Human after all, then tells Jean-Luc that this is going to be with him for a long time and he has to learn to live with it. The question is where? Under the sea with Louis or above the clouds with the Enterprise. They pull each other up and Jean-Luc tells Robert that he thinks he did come home so his brother could help him. With their arms around each other, Robert tells Jean-Luc he still doesn't like him, but it's followed with some light chuckles.

"So we walk into the school and we didn't know what to expect. Is Worf hurt, is he in some kind of trouble? The door opens and there is our little seven year-old sitting on the chair and glaring across the room at five teenage boys all of them with bloody noses!""And then the principal looks up and says please tell me he's an only child!"

Jo visits the Chapman family in Elm Grove, Wisconsin where Sara (37) and Glenn (42) have five children: 17-year-old Brittany, 14-year-old Moriah, 4-year-old identical twins Ethan & Cole, and 3-year-old Quinn.

Sara then leaves for work and then Glenn leaves a few minutes later. Before Glenn walks out the door, Brittany has to deal with Quinn throwing a huge tantrum which Glenn describes as normal. Immediately, Jo sees how stressed these girls are and how they don't know what to do with their brothers when they throw tantrums or have mood swings. 041b061a72


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