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Darkest Dungeon Speed Mod

Speed is the most important parameter in the whole game, as it determines the order of movement during combat. The higher the speed parameter of a character, the bigger the chance that he / she will move before anyone else. The speed is calculated in such a way, that a number ranging from 1 to 8 is added to the speed parameter of the character (6, for instance). A character with 6 speed can have an "actual" speed ranging from 7 to 14.

Darkest Dungeon Speed Mod

The calculations take place after each action (not round) of any character on the battlefield, which means that buffs / debuffs to speed have a direct influence on the order of movement. If you want to be one hundred percent sure that your hero will move earlier than the enemy (especially before units that inflict stress damage, as those tend to be the fastest), he / she must have 9 points of speed more than the said enemy.

Speed is so important because of the fact that sufficiently high value will allow you to eliminate some of the enemies before they can even move - it's extremely useful when dealing with enemies dealing a lot of stress damage, as stress is a lot more dangerous than normal attacks decreasing health. It is a good idea to have someone in your party who has a guaranteed move before the enemy team - a good choice is the Abomination, Grave Digger, or Jester, as all three of them have high default speed attribute.

Red Hook Studios' Darkest Dungeon is a dark roguelike game set in a Lovecraft-inspired world. Players are called upon by an unnamed relative to come and save their ancestral home from the horrors he accidentally unleashed on it and the surrounding town. The game was a massive success and even ended up with 2 expansions. The Crimson Court and the Colour of Madness all added to the look and feel of the game and presented more new challenges and events. Given all of the luck, RNG, and randomly generated events present in the title, the question is: can Darkest Dungeon players speedrun the game?

At its core, speedrunning requires precision, skill and intimate knowledge of a game to get through it as fast as a person possibly can. This isn't a problem with most games because players can learn the best way to blast through quickly. However, a game like this demands that actions be thought through and that players take their time. This is an experience that wants to make players feel tense and make sure caution is taken, considering the vast number of things that can go wrong. However, if a player took the time to learn the ins and outs of every single affliction or encounter chance that could happen, it may be possible to plan things during a speedrun.

On top of the myriad of afflictions and chance encounters, players would also have to prepare to go against the narrator's advice. When entering the first dungeon initially, the narrator will warn players that retreat from a dungeon is sometimes needed to ensure the party's survival. Players will need to practice to get good enough at the game to do the missions as fast as possible and in a single run. This is a considerable setback as the game's nature ensures things won't always go to plan, so even planning a speedrun out would be a difficult task.

Even getting around all of that still presents possible issues, as Darkest Dungeon is a game with a ton of random chance and events tied to it, and also one with lots of RNG. New heroes showing up in the wagon, how much damage heroes do when they hit or even what goes on inside a dungeon is all mostly random chance, so players who want to speedrun would need to memorize all the different types of things that could happen in a game and plan accordingly for each one. This is probably the most difficult challenge to overcome because one wrong move or bad event could doom the entire run. These are harder to predict and plan for, which means the game becomes even harder to attempt speedrunning on.

There is, however, a possible path to doing a speedrun despite all this standing against a player. The Steam version of the game gives access to the Steam Workshop, where people have posted mods and other fan-made changes. This could enable players to better prepare by adding a new class or making gold or other items easier to procure. This by no means makes the game easier, but it does help to mitigate some of the hardships that would otherwise sink a speedrun normally.

Speedrunning Darkest Dungeon requires that players go against the nature of the game and what it expects them to do. Essentially, the player will need to prepare by fighting back against the game itself trying to end the run at every chance. Given all the hardships, random chance, and the game's very nature, can players actually speedrun Darkest Dungeon? A speedrun of the game is possible, but only with the utmost preparation, memorization and luck will players find they can achieve a speedrun of this challenging title.

This ring increases user's movement speed, enabling them to easily escape from many dangers. It also makes it easier to attack the enemy from a safe distance. The effect stacks with other speed-boosting methods.

It's worth noting that a +0 ring cancels the speed penalty imposed by wearing an armor that's one strength point too heavy for you, and each successive upgrade on the ring will allow it to cancel the speed penalty from an additional point of encumbrance; a +3 ring will allow a Hero with 10 strength to equip +0 mail armor with no speed penalty (but it won't block anything due to the strength deficit, however).

The ring of wealth provides a vast variety of consumables; ones found in the dungeon as well as ones only obtainable through alchemy. Depending on how valuable they are, consumable drops can be of low, medium or high quality. Low quality drops are accompanied by a green flash, medium quality ones by a blue flash and high quality ones by a purple flash.

Equipment generated by a +0 ring has the same likelihood of being upgraded or enchanted as one randomly generated in the dungeon, but it can never be cursed. If the ring is upgraded, equipment items other than artifacts have increased minimum upgrade level. This level can become higher than the default level cap of 2, allowing the ring to generate items with level +3 or even higher. Weapons and armors also have a boosted chance to have an enchantment or a glyph.

The Occult Skull Crown is a craftable Revengeance Mode-exclusive post-Moon Lord accessory. While equipped the Rage Meter will gradually fill up at a rate of 1% every second as well as making it not empty while out of combat. It increases defense by 5, movement speed and acceleration by 5%, and makes the Adrenaline Meter fill up 20% faster.


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