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Boye Loom Patterns

Did you know that even sweaters can be knit on a loom? They can! This comfy pullover pattern includes a video tutorial that walks you through everything you need to know about making a sweater on your knitting loom.

Boye Loom Patterns

Check to make sure that you have the correct number of pegs and peg spacing for your project. Investing in an adjustable loom (such as a Flexee loom) is helpful for crafting various types and sizes of projects. Your pattern will let you know the size and type of loom needed.

hi my wife has a KBLOOMS adjustable multi-knit loom. they unfortunately for me did not show any pictures of the complete loom for each suggested style. I am looking for the one that does blankets, but if the place that you get the picture from has other pictures for that loom i am open to that info also. THEIR website does not have any pictures of looms assembled for each project.Any help would be appreciated.

Forget everything you think you know about loom knitting! You are going to see loom knitting in a whole new light once you read this post. Soon you will see just how awesome loom knitting is, and what all you can make with loom knitting (some patterns will surprise you!)

If you are a new loom knitter and seeking advice on learning how to loom knit, then you are in the right place. Many of the free loom knitting patterns we have curated for you today are geared towards beginners. I recommend starting with something small to build your skills. Keep your eyes peeled for patterns that have video tutorials, because they will walk you through everything step-by-step.

I know that when I used to think of loom knitting it would always bring to mind basic and bulky projects geared towards children like thick scarves and bunched up beanies. Believe me when I say that free loom knitting patterns have come a long way! Today I am going to show you just how versatile loom knitting is by showcasing 25 gorgeous and free loom knitting patterns. Sure there are some scarves and hats in there, as expected, but we also have patterns for everything from socks to sweaters! (Yes, really!)

Do you think of small projects (or kids projects) when you think of free loom knitting patterns? The Easy Double Knit Shawl is here to correct that assumption! Yes, you can absolutely make larger projects on a knitting loom. Learn how to loom knit this fashionable shawl by following along with the free written and video tutorials.

Many of your favorite knit and crochet projects can be recreated on the knitting loom. These trendy twisted headbands are the perfect accessory for a bad hair day. Your ears will never turn pink with the cold again! This is a detailed video tutorial that walks you through how to loom knit a headband step-by-step.

Many people like to loom knit things for charities. Free loom knitting patterns for newborn size hats are always in demand at nearby hospitals and shelters. Just pick a nice, soft yarn and get to work! These tiny hats are made on a round loom and are addictively quick to make, so you will definitely want to make more than one!

Christmas is right around the corner, so why not loom knit an elf hat for the new baby? This free loom knitting pattern will teach you the secret of tapering your hat to a point. You decrease the circumference of the hat at the top by switching to smaller and smaller looms. What a neat and useful trick!

Patchwork projects are perfectly portable and great for loom knitting on the go. The squares for this throw are each knit separately and then seamed together at the end. The design uses 5 different colors of yarn and alternates the orientation of the squares in the finished project for a pleasing array.

Continuing with the story, my thoughts and ideas about patterns for circular loom knitting were running at a 100 miles an hour. I have mild ADD so for a few minutes I even forgot that she was standing right in front of me. I figured I should be able (along with a few friends), to come up with at least 100 circular loom knit projects with free patterns.

Some of the projects and/or patterns are mine, others I hope will be offered. A few will be included because I asked another Loomer for permission to share and he or she agreed. Several are included just because I REALLY liked them. If your work is here and you want it removed just email me and I will take care of it immediately.

I will tell you that the most recognized and most widely used brand of looms is the Knifty Knitter. I would safely say that more the 2/3 of the patterns you will find here were made with this loom in mind. If you plan to only own one set and want to get the most bang for your buck that is the name to remember.

Hello Denise. I am trying to loom a beanie using the u wrap stitch. When making beanies with e wrap I used a 36 peg loom and the hats fit perfectly. Used the same loom with the u wrap and it made a child size hat. Question is was it the loom or the yarn? I used lion brand super bulky acrylic yarn for both hat stitches. The yarn seems to have no stretch using the u wrap stitch, is that normal?

HelloI recently started looming again after my wife got me interested a few years back. I have enjoyed many of your helpful videos and got my wife to also learn from them. Now I am looking for a basic pattern or project for a shopping bag to replace the plastic store bags. I am interested in a lighter, thinner knitted cotton bag, maybe a net looking bag that I can roll several up to take to the store without looking like I am bringing a bedroll in. I am able to work on round or long looms and would love to learn new patterns doing this project. Thanks for any suggestions,

I would like to loom a lacey poncho to wear to church because of air conditioning.Everything I see is either knitting or crocheting. I have arthritis in my hands so those are out. Please point me in the right direction.I really like the way you explain everything you are a natural!! Thank You

hi im new on this loom knitting but enjoy it more than needles i wish to start to make a knee blanket for the winter , i do have a rectangular loom and the circle one but no clue which pattern will work the best please help me . enjoy your day.

thank you for teaching me to loom knit denise! your utube tutorials are so easy to follow. my fave project is your little kitties i adore them! heres a link to some i made based on your pattern. im addicted ?

I bought a set of Knifty Knitters looms for my 10 year old Granddaughter for Christmas.We wanted to make a long winter scarf (not an infinity scarf). I looked everywhere for instruction on how to make a flat scarf on a round loom.Directions are not clear. Diagrams seem to skip photos where we need help.Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, I am also new to loom knitting. My sister thought it would be nice for both of us to learn and share our experiences with each other, when ever we could get together. She went out and bought the long loom set of of 5. My question, can you use round loom patterns on the long looms?

I was on a Facebook page for looming and had just asked someone about the length of a baby hat, and she sent me your information. I am so amazed at all that can be done on a round loom. All I have ever done was hats and scarves. I had no clue as to the window of opportunity there was in looming. Thank you so much for your dedication and love to looming and creating this www of information.

I have just started use a loom and was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how to make it easier to loop over the top? The yarn is loose when I wrap it and seem to be having a difficult time figuring this out. My thumb is getting sorer by the stitch and I keep breaking my yarn. Help!!!!

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to make this headband with a loom.I recognize the knit pattern as a regular everyday loom knit pattern, but I have been unable to find a pattern that uses a loom instead of knitting needles and/or crochet hooks.

I took a look at the link: -warmer-headband-headwrap-knit . It may not be this exact one but there are loom knit headband patternsHere are some: -headbands-earwarmers/ -knit-twisted-headband.html -headband

I have looming patterns on my blog (for free) like for a small dog sweater ( -bow-wow-sweater-written-pattern.html) and have a Youtube channel as well. I hope this helps with your list. Have a great day!

You never realize how easy knitting is until you try it on a loom. Boye's Round Loom Set will show you the light at the end of the crafting tunnel - a loom that helps you zip through your projects! This colorful set includes 4 round looms in assorted sizes, 1 hook, 1 needle, and super easy instructions. With two different ways to knit (flat and circular), you can easily make your very own hats, scarves, booties, and more.

This Round Loom Set is great for anyone that has been wanting to learn how to knit, but had a hard time beginning the learning process. Knitting needles can make a project seem hard, but with this loom set, you can now knit using a loom and a hook; no knitting needles required. This set includes four different sized plastic looms: 5-1/2 inch; 7-1/2 inch; 9-1/2 inch; and 11-1/2 inch.

This loom is made from plastic, so it is lightweight and more afforable than some of the other looms on the market. One of the downfalls of working with plastic looms like this one is that the yarn slips around easily; if you let go for a second while you are threading your loom it will quickly unthread itself. So, while using this loom, it is recommended that you keep a careful watch on your yarn to prevent slippage.

The instructions that come with the Boye Round Loom Set are for a knit hat, and they are very easy to understand. In fact, both kids and grandparents have sang their praises about how easy this loom is to use! The best part about it is that you can use any kind of yarn you want! I love using unique yarns with different textures, and while traditional patterns don't always allow for them, the loom always does. 041b061a72


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